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Sample run results

The program was left running in the Time and Frequency section lab for the duration between 2:37:53pm on August 7 2006 to 12:11:42pm on August 8 2006. The following graphs were obtained:

This is the hourly report:

We find that the temperature was nearly constant at around 25 degrees.
The lights were switched out between 6:37pm to 7:37pm (office closing time)

Note: Temperature sensor 1 was not connected to the circuit. Only channels 2 and 3 were connected.

This is the per minute report between 1am and 9am:

It shows ripples in the temperature recorded. This is due to the switching on and off of the thermostat of the air-conditioning system. The cycle duration is approximately one hour and the temperature variation is around 1 degree.

The exact time of switching off the lights is seen from the light sensor graph shown per second:

The lights were switched off at 6:58:22pm on August 7, 2006.

The next day the lights were switched on at 9:23:54am.