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Download binaries

You can download executable versions of the software from this page. Remember that you will not be able to log real data without the hardware.

If you do not have the hardware:

For demonstration purposes, please run randomADC.exe which simulates random data for all channels.

If you have the hardware:

This is version attempts to read data from the parallel port and will not work if it does not receive a suitable response from the port.
Please run the file ADC.exe

To view an older log file (a sample log file SAMP_LOG.log) is provided. Run the program logview.exe and browse for the file to launch it.
Or you can launch it from the command line : GraphView.exe SAMP_LOG.log 1
Or you can launch it via the batch file demolog.bat which contains the above statement.


Win32 -    (2.08MB) (Everything, zipped)

Win32 -     DataLog.rar    (1.56MB) (Everything, rar-ed)

Win32 -  (754KB) (Only the graph viewer application and sample log file)