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ADC Data Logger

About the project

This project was started during my two month summer training at National Physical Laboratory, New Delhi, during my summer training in June-July 2006.

The purpose of this project is to design a module for monitoring the various environmental and experimental parameters for the Cesium fountain clock,. The project involves creating a data logging system with hardware and software capable of monitoring 16 analog inputs for measurable parameters and storing the retrieved data on disk for subsequent retrieval and analysis.

The project included the making of a PC-interfaced hardware unit complete with its own power supply and sensors and designing software for recording the values of the parameter at various instants of time and recapitulating those values as and when required and at the required resolution of time.

The cesium fountain atomic clock is under active development at the time and frequency section. For its proper functioning, the environmental parameters like temperature, humidity, etc. need to be carefully monitored and maintained. Moreover, several experimental parameters for example the laser current, power etc. need to be monitored.

This project aims to fulfill this task and also provide a convenient way to observe the parameter variations over an extended period of time.

Rohit Rawat
VII Semester
Electronics & Communication Engineering
Maharaja Agrasen Institute of Technology, New Delhi

I have also been doing some extra work for the fountain clock project like this waveform generator.